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Innovation, Sustainable development and Quality assurance

At Rosch, we create products to make the life of our customers easier, while respecting the environment!

Innovation, Research and Development:

By observing how our products are used, we understand how to improve them and make our consumers happier. Our Research and Development department is constantly looking for new formulation ideas and new molecules to make our products more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Thus we develop many new products every year, such as SANOMAT Laundry disinfectant.

Sustainable development and Quality assurance:

IFS HPC (Household Products and Cosmetics) certification

Our Quality assurance is guaranteed by the high standard of IFS HPC (Household Products and Cosmetics) certification.

To minimize our consumption of water and hydrocarbons, we try at all levels to optimize our processes.

This includes improving:

  • Our production processes   less use of fossil energy
  • Our packagings   less plastic and cardboard
  • Our logistics   less kilometers covered for each product = less CO2 released into the atmosphere

Moreover, we use in our products many highly biodegradable molecules, for an ever better protected nature.